University of Utah
Center for Quantitative Biology


Fred Adler has been officially appointed Director of the Center for Quantitative Biology

Planning begins for the Crocker Science Center

Nominate CQB mascot! Current nominees include cellular slime mold and spiny lobster


Through funding from the College of Science, the Department of Mathematics, and the Mathematical Biology program, the CQB will initiate the following programs:

  • A Quantitative Incubator, where undergraduate, graduate and lifelong students of Mathematical Biology will meet with life science researchers to explore new collaborations and new research.
  • A workshop around a life science theme, attracting basic and quantitative biologists from the campus, along with visitors from around the world.
  • A visitor program, hosting senior visitors from throughout the range of the life sciences for long-term visits.
  • A Colloquium series on "Social Issues in Medicine and Biology."